Spin+X YRC | Summer School: Molecular Spintronics 2018


The school aims to provide a deep and comprehensive understanding of the state of the art of scientific activities in the field of Molecular Spintronics.
Molecular spintronics combines the ideas of spintronics and molecular electronics striving for manipulating spins and charges in electronic devices containing only one or few molecules.

The weak spin-orbit interaction in organic molecules is likely to preserve spin-coherence over time and distance much longer than in conventional metals or semiconductors. Moreover, the interaction of molecules with electrodes surface can be used to tune the energy level alignment at hybrid interfaces and thus facilitate an efficient spin injection. Currently, there is an increased activity on embedding in spintronics devices functional molecules. Among them, magnetic molecules, either showing magnetic bistability at low temperature or long quantum spin coherence, are particularly attractive also in connection with quantum information technology.



Marco Affronte (Universitá di Modena, Italy)
Andrea Cornia (Universitá di Modena, Italy)
Andrea Droghetti (ETSF Sab Sebastian, Spain)
Matteo Mannini (Universitá di Firenze, Italy)
Erik R. McNellis (JGU Mainz, Germany)
Alberto Riminucci (Institute of Nanostructured Materials ISMN-CNR, Bologna, Italy)
Roberta Sessoli (Universitá di Firenze, Italy)
Benjamin Stadtmüller (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)



Hotel INNdependence in Mainz



You can find the book of Abstracts here.


The number of participants is limited and will be filled on a first come, first served basis. The registration is closed.
All participants are asked to contribute by presenting a poster. Please submit your poster Abstract in the poster template Format to ohler@uni-mainz.de. The Submission of the poster Abstract is necessary in order to complete the Registration process (deadline is September 28th).
The Summer School fee for external participants will be 240 €, this will cover the accommodation and full board.